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2015 Recycle Rush at Sydney Regional

posted 19 Dec 2016, 17:13 by Shamik Patel

Our team accomplished so much at the recent Sydney FRC Regional. The biggest of them all being our alliance placing third in the competition. This was an incredible experience for The Dropbear’s and we couldn’t have done it without the help of teams: Tiny Giants and IC Robotics.

On top of that Mechanical team worked incredibly hard during the competition, acting as the pit crew for Scarab. They made minor adjustments which resulted in us soaring up the leaderboard. The Mech team also worked hard to supply other teams with materials for their robots.

The business and media teams created new friendships with lots of other teams. We introduced them to Kirra (our new mascot) and handed out lots of lollies (because robotics is SWEET) keeping the jet lagged and the all nighters hyped up all day long. Our Media team also accumulated over 50GB worth of video and photographs, which will no doubt be posted soon. Stay tuned!

Software worked their incredible coding skills making improvements at the speed of light. Additionally, Scarab had a flawless autonomous system by the end of the competition allowing it to pick up a bin and move into the centre of the field. Software also increased the responsiveness of the controls creating a smooth drive.

Another achievement of the team to be particularly proud of was, the spirit of our team. No matter what, our team was constantly cheering each other along. The Dropbear’s were truly proud of their accomplishments, as individuals and as a team.

Check out our experience of the comp here: