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2017 Build Season Kick Off!

posted 11 Jan 2017, 18:34 by ellie@thedropbears.org.au   [ updated 27 Jan 2017, 16:30 ]

Waking up at six on a Sunday is not something that everybody enjoys, but everybody sitting in the electrical engineering building on the eighth of January was rather excited. Over the course of about an hour a group of new-recruits, veterans and mentors to the Drop bears were enlightened as they absorbed the rules of 2017s competition. Kick off was a rather long yet eventful day stretching to about 10 hours, though we successfully analysed the game rules. We did this by getting into groups and each analysing game rules from different sections, before coming together to present our findings to the group. Then, we split up into groups again to develop a range of game strategies to be revealed the next day.

It was important that kick off went well because it formed a basis for the rest of the project to go on, and we couldn’t afford to waste time because the task we were given was challenging and would definitely chew lots of time. Kick off was successful, and went smoothly. By the end of the day, everyone was excited and motivated for the tough 6 weeks ahead!