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2017 Swerve Drive CAD & Code Release

posted 5 Jan 2018, 22:04 by Arthur Allshire

Over the 2017 offseason, Team 4774, The Drop Bears, have been working hard on developing our own Swerve Drive system.

The project has advanced to the point where we anticipate using our design in build season. As part of this, we are releasing the designs and code that we have developed for these modules, as required by the rules.

The mechanical design for the modules was developed on OnShape. All of the CAD and drawings on OnShape are available at this link.

The code for the Swerve modules has been developed in the open on GitHub, and as such it is available on the team's GitHub. It is written using the RobotPy framework in Python. The code is structured as a library that is able to be utilised by any RobotPy repository.