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A Quick Recap

posted 19 Dec 2016, 20:36 by Shamik Patel


This year’s build season was the best yet! The night before kick-off many members of the team stayed up until 2 am to watch the unveil video. Everyone was super hyped as the team watched it together the next day. Immediately we all jumped into brainstorming possible strategies to overcome the challenging course. We agreed on a robot that can climb the tower, shoot into the high goals with accuracy, traverse the low bar and defence category A (Cheval de Frise and Portcullis) We then began to come up with possible designs and we agreed on having a “U” shaped chassis with an intake. After brainstorming several ideas and after a few prototypes we settled on a ramp and flywheel design that will allow us to shoot straight upwards from the bottom of the tower. The CAD designing process was started, and as soon as that was finished, we started building. Firstly the chassis was made, then we worked on the shooter. It took a while to fine tune the shooter but we got there in the end.

We used our newly built field elements and defences to test out the robot’s drive base and shooting mechanism. Once software had written their vision tracking code we used it on the robot to align and shoot into the goal with almost 100% accuracy. During Week 5 & 6. the robot was tested at a practice field kindly built by Barker College and their Team 4613 Redbacks. We did some driver training and fine tuned some of the mechanisms so they functioned perfectly. Later back at Sydney Uni we installed an additional mechanism to defeat the defence category A. On the last day, we had a vote on a name for our robot and the results were unanimous. This year we would like to introduce S.Baldrick, our proud new robot!

By Sebastien Daverio

S. Baldrick

Say hello to S.Baldrick!