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Finishing off in Week 6!

posted 19 Dec 2016, 20:17 by Shamik Patel   [ updated 19 Dec 2016, 20:32 ]


Week Six was all about software development, testing and tuning. We started off by tuning the heading hold PID loop, allowing the driver to set the robot to turn to a precise orientation relative to the field with minimal effort, and to hold its heading while driving. Then we tuned the vision closed loop controller, meaning that the robot uses a camera in order to track “retroreflective” targets on the goal while shining a bright green light on it. This lets the robot strafe to the correct lateral position relative to the goal. To get to the correct range, we use a closed loop controller on a LIDAR range finder.

Combined, these two sensors and their PID controllers provided a way for the driver to quickly and easily align the robot with the goal in the heat of the match. We additionally tuned the intake software which lets the robot detect when it has touched a ball and automatically jams it into the intake, ready to be fired.

Mechanically, the defence defeaters were finished, allowing the robot to traverse Category C of the defences- the Portcullis and Cheval de Frise. In addition, the mechanical team worked to iron out the robot’s final mechanical glitches, so that we do not have any problems at the regional. These mechanical fixes, combined with the automatic alignment, and well tuned control software, will allow our robot to be competitive in the Sydney and Hawaii regionals.

By Arthur Allshire

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