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Hawaii Regional 2016

posted 19 Dec 2016, 20:45 by Shamik Patel   [ updated 19 Dec 2016, 20:46 ]

Hawaii Overview

The Drop Bears competed at the Hawaii Regional during 31st March to 2nd April, and it was a blast! The team arrived a day early, spending a relaxing day at the beach and then prepped for the amazing day ahead! The crate was opened, and the pits were set up waiting for the team’s arrival on Wednesday. We set up in the Eagles Pit, a separate area for teams who have earned an award or won at a previous regional. Having won the Controls Award in Sydney, we had the honour to be placed in that pit. A meeting was held in the evening, and we were ready with a plan for the first day.

Thursday was practice match day, and we were able to participate in several matches for the driver to gain the most experience. The swerve modules were removed as additional allowance in Sydney, and were greatly enhanced. These improved modules were fit back onto S. Baldrick in the morning, and functioned without fault, unlike the issues we had at the Sydney Regional. The only modification that was made on the robot was the reinforcement of the Defence Defeaters, after they were damaged from a match.

Friday marked the start of the Qualification matches, and the Drop Bears were the ones to beat! We were ranked near the middle during the start of the matches, but soon enough we rose toward the top of the leader board and were in the top 10. During the matches, Software consistently made developments to the autonomous routine and auto-alignment system throughout the day. Thanks to all the practice on Thursday, we reached a top rank of 2nd! We remained near rank 4 until the rest of the evening. That day we came back to the hotel with our heads held high.

The final day was the most exciting of all! The Drops Bears managed to end the qualification matches at rank 5 and had a Win Loss ratio of 9-3. During Alliance Selections, we became Alliance Captains. We picked the teams 2090 – Buff ‘n Blue and 3008 – Team Magma to join our alliance. The Alliance fought hard, but were overcome by the opponent and we were knocked out of the quarterfinals on our second match. Being a team from overseas, we weren’t going to leave without leaving our mark, and we did so at the regional. Our trusty driver Nathan Brown brought a tube of Vegemite to share with the Americans. We gave them some Vegemite and crackers, and we filmed their reactions on camera. Watch the Vegemite Challenge video below!

The team ended the trip with a relaxing dinner out, and came back home feeling proud, and filled with pride. We hope to have another successful season next year and when it comes, we will be prepared with another smashing robot!

Watch our quick video of the Hawaii Regional below:

Mahalo Hawaii!

Thanks to Hunter Riddle for the videos!

By Shamik Patel