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It's Week 3!

posted 19 Dec 2016, 20:12 by Shamik Patel

The third week of the 2016 build season has been the most intense so far. With school going back, we have less time to focus on the robot. Our goals for this week included the completion of the vision tracking code, as well as having a functioning drive base and game piece. Prototyping for the shooter mechanism went very well, with several solutions being designed and tested, such as pneumatics, although the most successful was by far a flywheel style shooter. In addition to this, our drive base was completed to perfection, and the swerve modules reattached. The vision tracking system was completed and tested and the robot chassis can follow a target at a set distance. This is the first time the team has put vision tracking on a robot, and it will make the robot incredibly efficient during a competition.

At the close of the week, the team has had to overcome many obstacles, such as prototypes not working as planned, bugs in the code, and the return to school, but it was done with skill, and in the end, we achieved our goals. With three weeks down, and three weeks to go, we are starting to feel the pressure, but despite this, we are on track to produce one of our best robots yet!

By Ryan Paget

Watch our week three vlog below!