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Nearly There! Week 5!

posted 19 Dec 2016, 20:15 by Shamik Patel


Week 5 saw the installation of the major mechanical systems, the intake and shooter. After being designed in CAD and then assembled separate from the bot it was relatively easy to fit these modular systems. The distance between the intake and shooter had to to tweaked and tuned to provide optimum performance. After that is was down to testing and tuning the systems code to ensure reliability and find any mechanical faults. The intake roller is able to detect whether it has a boulder by reading the load spike on the motor controller. It then back drives a set number of encoder counts to secure the ball in place. While elegant, this solution required a great deal of tuning to run reliably. The PID loop on the shooter was refined to ensure the flywheel reached the correct speed as quickly as possible. A small contingent went to Barker College to test the robot out on there half field. This was a great opportunity to gain sensor data for the vision tracking and range finder. These systems are used to create the autonomous functions of the robot. We would like to thank Team 4613 The Barker Redbacks for there hospitality. The Robot is now in fighting form ready for Week 6.

By Ian Thomas

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