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Project Management

posted 19 Dec 2016, 17:37 by Shamik Patel   [ updated 19 Dec 2016, 23:35 ]

During Monday’s meeting, mentor Andreas Heintze delivered a wonderful presentation on project management. Throughout the presentation we were taught what the rules and responsibilities of what being a project manager are, how they are a vital part of The Drop Bears and the work force. At the end of the slides we were given an exercise to do for the evening. We were split into four different groups, given a number of different coloured sheets of paper, a single glue stick, scissors and glitter.

Our task was to make a prototype paper design of a robot which we would showcase to the rest of the team.  We would then give a short presentation describing the process used to create our technological terrors and details including the production time, quality and any other valid information that could swing the heart our judge.

After Andreas had ranked them we were sent back and given 15 minutes to create as many as we could, whilst keeping them looking like their originals. Once time was up we had to showcase all of our finalised designs and face the fierce but fair judging.  This linked in with project management because it taught us how to manage and work out a plan so that you can maximise the amount of time you have and achieve the greatest outcome.  We learnt a valuable lesson on project management and want to thank Andreas Heintze for taking his time to give a wonderful presentation and lead us through this task.

Written by Liam Strugnell