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rIGS to the Rescue!

posted 19 Dec 2016, 18:02 by Shamik Patel   [ updated 19 Dec 2016, 23:33 ]


rIGS is a robotics team under training for the first robotics competition. Right now the building team are learning to use onshape an online cad software.



The drop bears have really helped us understand the coding and the software on top of videos on how the software works. Onshape is very fun and is helpful because you can see the machine parts in motion while you are using the software.

 - Donovan Lecours, rIGS Software

Training with the Dropbears team at Sydney University for the FIRST Robotics competition was an interesting and informative experience. Although there was a large amount of information to take in, especially in the first week, there was an abundance of information and help available to us. Building a robot is a difficult and complicated task, and though I am still not 100% confident, I feel the training this term through the Madmaker Challenge and the help of the rIGS and Dropbears mentors has jumpstarted my learning in this field. Although the Madmaker Challenge went through each critical step in using Arduino software, Arduino Esploras and Processing, it left a large amount up to us to learn and figure out. This meant that we were forced into focusing on the task,  working hard and learning a lot about the Software and Hardware. The challenges were frustrating at times, but this meant we were being engaged and challenged, and gave us an insight into programming ourselves.

Our last week of the challenge programme set us out to design a project of our own using what we had learnt about Arduino software, Arduino Esploras and Processing so far. This seemed difficult at first, but with the help of some mentors and more experienced students to steer us onto the right track, it soon became an achievable goal. Not to say it was without challenges, but these challenges engaged me more, making me strive to complete the task to a satisfactory level. I ended up working in a pair for the task, which became crucial to complete to the task and I see it being invaluable to the success of our future robot. We split the task into two parts, not only decreasing our work loads but also helping us attain the goal. Working in two different programmes (one each) gave our project depth and actually aided in completing it. This week’s training session became the most interesting, enjoyable and rewarding so far.

Lucca Buonamano, rIGS Software