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Sponsor Showcase

posted 10 Jan 2017, 18:12 by ellie@thedropbears.org.au
Towards the end of the year we held our Annual Sponsor Showcase. This event is open to all of our sponsors as well and family and friends so they can see what we have been working on. It is a great event for the students as well as they are able to showcase what they and the team have been working hard on over the course of the year. Everyone was excited as more and more guests began to arrive. 

We began by showing our competition robot, S.Baldrick, who is a crowd favourite. Guests got the opportunity to drive him, which got everyone quite excited. 

We had a Zumo bot stall where the recruits were able to 
show their main project they had been working on.The information on the Zumos is in our last post.
They explained to the parents and sponsors how they had made the small robots and programmed them, as well as giving a demonstration of the Zumo game. 

Another stall showcased our swerve drive designs that we had been working on throughout the term. Our robot for the 2015-16 season used swerve drives, however we had many problems with them and decided to begin designing our own for future seasons. 
Our CNC mill, which is in the process of being refurbished, was on display as well for parents and sponsors to see. 

Overall it was a great afternoon and was enjoyable for the students to showcase their hard work and for parents and sponsors to see these projects.