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The Drop Bears meet RIGS

posted 19 Dec 2016, 17:54 by Shamik Patel   [ updated 19 Dec 2016, 23:33 ]

Last week (12/10/2015) saw the team jump into the MadMaker Challenge. Run by the University of Sydney the program provides a unique method for learning to code on the Arduino platform. Two of the teams amazing mentors, Penny and Brock, are running the program that will last for 6 weeks. The program provides an expansive base of coding information that relates directly to the language of code we use for our FRC robots.

The Dropbears are teaming up with the newly formed IGS robotics team RIGS.  The team will be with us through until the end of the year as we provide assistance and information in all aspects of FIRST, from basic team structure to design and construction of robots. We as a team have learnt so much over past years, and we see it as great opportunity to impart knowledge we would have loved to have when we first started.

As of Monday, The Dropbears have two new Section leaders. Section leaders are responsible for all of the members in their respective sections, making sure they are aware of all happenings and have all the information needed for the smooth running of the section. Our two new Section Leaders are:

  • Byron Brake for the Mechanical section

  • Arthur Allshire for the Software section

Byron and Arthur are two of the teams most dedicated members, always putting in their all for the team. Both Arthur and Byron have been in the team for just over a year and are already making waves with their amazing work. Congratulations Arthur and Byron on your new positions.

Next week will see the continuation of the MadMaker Program and writing of October’s Newsletter.

Nathan Brown – Safety Captain