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The End of the Build Season

posted 19 Dec 2016, 16:40 by Shamik Patel

Hey everyone, exciting news!!!! The build season is over, and the robot has been finished. This has by far been the best build season for the Drop Bears and we’ve completed so much.

The Mech team designed and built an amazing robot that can successfully move and pick up a bin as well as three totes using an elevator system controlled by a winch and kickers to keep the tote straight.

The software team successfully programmed the robot so that it could move and the elevator could function. They additionally created other programs within the robot such as the PID function to keep in in place and the infra-red tracking system.

The business team worked hard to keep up with any purchasing forms that were completed to track the team’s, as well as putting a lot of work into promotional material and the up coming robot unveil.

The media team worked hard to keep the team updated through social media websites, as well as making Vlogs and sneak peek videos to keep people updated on the team’s progress, the media team additionally created designs for the promotional material and a submission to the chairman’s award, which has never happened before.

An amazing 6 weeks for the team, and we’re all looking forward to the up and coming regional competition, and the robot unveil coming in less then a week.