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posted 19 Dec 2016, 20:13 by Shamik Patel


Week 4 of build season has been one of our busiest yet. The team finalized prototypes and started to develop the final game piece mechanisms. This was also the second week back at school, so the teams working hours were shorter, but we managed to get a lot done.
The mechanisms that were ready to be made were the intake and the shooting system. Before this, of course, CAD drawings needed to be made. This was the usual tedious process, but it was worth doing a proper job, so that the build phase would be easier. As soon as the drawings were finished the pieces started to be built.
After a few minor setbacks, the team was on a roll and was working well. These parts are not completely finished, but the team has made a lot of progress and are proud of the current results.
In terms of software, we encountered problems with the encoders on the swerve modules, so a lot of time was spent refining that. The Open CV (autonomous vision tracking) code that was written in the previous week was being edited and tweaked so that everything worked smoothly. This was essential for the robot to be able to shoot goals accurately.
Overall, this was another productive week for the Drop Bears and we are all excited to be seeing the robot come together.

By Ellie Hebden

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