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Week 1 - Build Season 2018

posted 18 Jan 2018, 21:31 by Rachel Pannowitz   [ updated 18 Jan 2018, 22:19 ]
Build season 2018 has officially started and The Drop Bears are well under way!
This week the team gathered on the 7th of January to await the long anticipated 2018 Kick-Off video and get a running start at the game this year. The first day was spent analysing rules and learning the game to the our best of our ability. Soon after, we split off into groups and began drafting possible strategies that were viable for our team to use within competitions. The next day each group presented their suggested strategy which led to a team wide discussion. 

Finalising our chosen gameplay, we then moved on to broad mechanism design. Again this was done by splitting off into groups and presenting possible ways we could achieve our given strategy. Coming to a consensus on a final design after another extensive group discussion was a major success as the team began to move on to their designing and prototyping phase. 

There are now currently 6 sub-projects within our team working towards our end goal of a successful competitive robot! There are:
  • Lifting Mechanism
  • Intake Mechanism
  • Drivebase
  • Autonomous
  • Dashboard
  • Vision