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Week 2!

posted 19 Dec 2016, 20:08 by Shamik Patel


During week 2, our team achieved a lot in concept testing of our game piece ideas. Spreading our team into 3 groups, each group had to design a shooting mechanism, lifting mechanism and an intake roller mechanism. We collaborated the ideas, which allowed us to maximise our team’s productivity. For the shooting mechanism, we tested many ideas including the kicker: both electronically powered and pneumatically powered, and 2 types of flywheels. During the testing phase we decided that a pneumatically powered kicker didn’t have enough power and so we built a number of prototype flywheels. After the testing we concluded the flywheels do have the power to shoot the ball, and due to its low requirements of space, it would be ideal for the robot. Another group tested the lifting mechanism, and proved that the tape measure does have the strength to rise to the required height and lift the robot. For the roller intake team, a proof of concept was conducted, and it was decided that it would be the most suitable mechanism for intake. At the end of the week, the team was ready to start a more detailed design we had already started working on the CAD design.

By James Wu

Here is our awesome Vlog for week 2!