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Week 3 Update - Build Season 2017

posted 4 Feb 2017, 16:12 by ellie@thedropbears.org.au
Week three of Build Season was very busy for The Drop Bears. As we moved into the high level design phase, most of our days were filled with CAD, Design reviews and more CAD. Although this was a tedious process, we all understood that this was the most important part of creating a good robot.

The climbing group was working hard and finished their final CAD at the beginning of the week. They then set off to create their drawings before final fabrication. As our team values our quality control procedure, we made sure every drawing was of high quality and signed off before anyone went down to the workshop.

The gears groups continued to work on their CAD over the course of the week. The gear mechanism is the most technical out of the game pieces, so the entire week was spent on the high level design. There were many design review meetings over the week, and long and tedious hours working on the hard geometry of the mechanism. 

Drive base worked on CAD for electronics which involved designing an electronics plate and battery mount. The bumper design was also worked on an nearly finished by the end of the week.

The Dashboard group worked really hard and finished an excellent dashboard that is ready for us to use in competition. It is the best dashboard we have had on the team and we are really proud of their efforts.

Halfway through the season and the pressure is mounting, but we are excited to continue and finish our robot.