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Week 5 - Build Season 2017

posted 17 Feb 2017, 01:44 by ellie@thedropbears.org.au
Week 5 of build season was very busy and hectic for The Drop Bears!

In Mechanical, the section remained focused and hard working as they came to the end of the build phase. The climbing group had completed their game piece to a high standard and were very proud of their efforts. Soon after, they were able to mount the mechanism onto the drive base - it was all coming together. 
Gears completed their design and worked on creating and approving drawings so that the fabrication process could be started. By the end of the week, some components were finished but unfortunately the entire mechanism was not able to be completed.
The drive base group worked on the bumpers to make sure the robot would be protected during our testing.

Software continued to work on code for the game pieces, and once the climbing mechanism was mounted, they were able to deploy their code and make a successful climb. Vision continued to be refined, as well as our autonomous routine being planned out and programmed.

Overall it was a good week and we are excited to see the robot finished!!