The Drop Bears are always keen to have new members to join the team and we invite you to attend the annual recruitment evening (held in July/August).  This is followed by a number of lessons designed to teach new members the software, mechanical and media skills required as a Drop Bear.  Alternatively, potential members can contact us at for more information or can fill in a registration of interest form. Come along to attend one of our Sunday meetings held at the The University of Sydney Electrical Engineering building (near the Seymour Centre) from 4pm to 6:30pm to get to know the team. Please note that we do not encourage new members to join between November and March as this falls over build season.

It is preferable that the members be aged between 14 and 18 and live in the inner-west of Sydney so that it is easy to attend our meetings. There is an annual joining fee of $550 which can be paid after attending a few meetings and includes a teamshirt.

For more information on the inner workings of the teams check out our About page.

Ready to become a member of the Drop Bears?  Please complete our online member application form.


Our team also actively looks for mentors that can help and guide the students in expanding their skills in their chosen section. We require adults that have knowledge in either mechanical, electrical, software, media and business. The mentors will help the guide the students through the decision-making process and teach the students the necessary skills that are needed for the specific task that they are required to achieve.

For additional information on joining the team and the commitments that will have to be made please contact us at