Our robot

FIRST Power Up: Darude

This was our finalist robot Darude, a robot with a wheeled intake and compounding lift. Capable of double cube autonomous.

This year’s robot, Darude, was made for the FIRST: Power Up competition in 2018.

Darude was the debut robot of our in-house designed and manufactured swerve modules.

Auto Mode

Advanced Autonomous Mode

This year we used our most advanced autonomous mode yet. We used vision to find the cubes and get a cube on the scale in the first 15 seconds.

Lifting mechanism

Cascading elevator

We used a cascading lift for our lifting mechanism. It consisted of two stages, which pulled each other. This meant that the lifter could go higher than with only one stage

drive base

Swerve Drive

We used our custom swerve drive to give our robot advanced maneuverability and agility. The Swerve Drive was a project over multiple years which uses two motors to move in any direction, like a shopping trolley’s wheels, but motorised.