Build Season Week 6

What a great build season! We finally got a robot we are proud of. Now, it is time to prepare ourselves to win some serious trophies.

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Build Season Week 5

The clock is ticking! There are only 9 days left for us to build. Good news is we are progressing. Here is a recap of our Week 5.

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Build Season Week 4

Another hard working week has just passed. Our team T-shirts for this season were finally here. We kept working on with the testing of autonomous, hatch mechanism and cargo mechanism.…

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Build Season Week 3

We managed to conquer another productive week. The replica of field has been built. And our drive base is completed. We are now focusing on hatch mechanism, climbing mechanism and…

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11th November

Today at the Drop Bears after arriving we got straight to work helping assemble gearboxes using the VersaPlanetary 180° Drive Gearboxes manual. Meanwhile the recruits were completing their mechanical lessons…

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