In the last week we have been discussing the details of our strategy, designing, creating and planning prototypes. We began by splitting off into groups, forming strategies, we then presenting them to the rest of the team. The presented strategies were then combined and picked to form one strategy that we would use during competition. A very similar process was conducted to determine the design we would use. We ended up coming up with a design that appropriately combined all of the best of the group’s strategies. After deciding on the design of the subsystems, the team split off into design groups.

The detailed design issues were left up to groups to decide. Over the last two days, we have been prototyping and fleshing out the designs for the robot subsystems. In short, over the last week we have reviewed the rules of the competition, created a strategy to suit the competition and created high level design. We are now moving on to refining our designs to then finally put together.