Check here regularly for updates reguarding our activities in and around build season.

Build Season Week 1

In the last week we have been discussing the details of our strategy, designing, creating and planning prototypes. We began

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Kick Off!

Today was the day, after about four weeks away from thinking about robots The Drop Bears had their kick off

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25th November

Today at The Drop Bears all the recruits were continuing their software lesson.  In this lesson recruits were given some

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18th November

This week at the Drop Bears the recruits had their first software lesson. In it hey learnt the basics of

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11th November

Today at the Drop Bears after arriving we got straight to work helping assemble gearboxes using the VersaPlanetary 180° Drive

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4th November

This week’s meeting at the Drop Bears was an exciting frenzy in the workshop. For the veterans, it marked an

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