Our Robot is ready for competition

The Kick off on January 10 is a distant memory and after 8 weeks of design, prototyping, building, programming, testing and refinement the robot is ready for the competition and has a name

Lenny Grabitz

Some of the key changes as a result of the testing in the last 2 weeks are;

  • Modified endeffector with a change from 3D printed claw to compliant wheels to give a wider range of grip, change of geometry and actuation with a standard piston rather than a rotatory actuator. and adding a flapper to provide better engagement with the cone.
  • Break beam sensors were added to the intake to detect collection of cubes.
  • Adding 2 additional air reservoirs to have a total of 4 with 2.1 L of stored air on board.
  • Fine tuning of the positioning code from the two on board cameras.
  • Addition of a third camera for game piece detection
  •  LED stripes configured to indicate alliance colour when robot not enabled and to indicate to the human player if a cone or a cube is required by the robot during the match.
  • New batteries and charges were purchased ready for the match days