Today was the day, after about four weeks away from thinking about robots The Drop Bears had their kick off day.  The day started off by watching the official FRC Deep Space Game animation and field videos, checkout the FRC 2019 Deep Space Game animaion below.

After that we broke up into groups and dove into the rules ensuring that we all had a solid understanding of this season’s rules.  After that we had a little break while playing mafia.  Afterwards everybody stomach’s started getting hungry and what Drop Bears’ kick off isn’t complete without 🍕.  Refueled we then got straight back into it and again went off into groups brainstorming possible strategies.

After carefully crafting our strategies we presented them to rest of the team.  The presented strategies seemed to be roughly similar although the final strategy will be determined tomorrow so that we can sleep on it and be refreshed and ready to discuss our final strategy.

Groups brainstorming ideas for strategies.