Our Projects

Swerve Drive


This year we continue to concentrate on refining our iconic swerve drive.  We are currently the only team in the southern hemisphere that have developed their own swerve drive system. This system allows our robot to travel in any direction like a powered shopping cart giving us unprecedented agility on the field. In the off season we will continue to develop our modules, with our most recent iteration successfully reducing the total weight and saving much more space than the previous modules allowed. This allowed us to build larger and more creative designs for our remaining modules on the robot as much less space was being used for the swerve drives. We are currently working on producing our fourth iteration of these modules, in which we plan to use more powerful motors that have only recently become available, increasing speed and robustness.

The Drop Bears are proud to present the third version of their “Motor-in-Drive” type Swerve Drive Module. The full model CAD can be found here.