This marks the end to a fantastic buildseason! Although it has been a different experience than seasons past, it has allowed the members of the team to grow and learn all the same. We have been able to achieve, all the things we set out to do at the start of the season where each member of the team can be proud of the achievements they have had throughout the season as well as the new skills they gave gained that will best them in the years to come. 

The achievements of the team have been extraordinary, through completing a fully functioning competition ready robot as well as submitting the robot for judged awards. We are also very much looking forward to a possible Sydney regional, which will be a fantastic experience for a season that has functioned so strangely. 

To fully cap off the season, we have had our end of season dinner, where we were able to convene as a full team to bring an end to a fantastic effort of all Students and Mentors, giving extra credit to a few outstanding members including: Adi, Michael, Max and Tate who have gone above and beyond this season and have stood out through their skills and commitment to the team in both this build season and others.