Today we started by formulating the battle plan in the morning, where the respective groups further discussed with detail what action needed to be taken. We split into two teams that made up the robot’s key functionality – (shooter and drivebase) and discussed what tests and data that needed to be gathered. 

With the robot from 2020, Shooter team were able to gather useful data on how to adapt our current design to further improve our shooting ability. Using an evidence-based approach, our key finding was that with the close-range shooting component, topspin played a major role in the effectiveness and accuracy of this game element as balls behaved unpredictably with different amounts of topspin at close range.

While shooter team gathered valuable data, drivebase team reassembled the swerve modules on to the practice drivebase. On Wednesday and Friday, drivebase team seeks to test performance between propulsion systems, to inform us which drivebase is most appropriate for our design requirements.