My first week as a dropbear was an interesting and valuable experience especially as it being my first robotics experience. Over this first week I took part in many learning opportunities such as brainstorming ideas, learning rules, creating prototypes, designing with Computer Aided Design and making friends. Onshape was an eye-opening learning experience for me and let me pursue my eagerness of design in an intriguing, creative way. It also paved the way for building prototypes with the help of fellow peers and helpful mentors. Creating prototypes was interesting and allowed me to come to a deeper understanding about mechanical and logical solutions to problems we have. Most importantly though, the Drop Bears are a hardworking group of mentors and students who help out others and are a great group of individuals to be friends with. It’s impossible to say what else I will learn and discover here at the drop bears over the next couple of weeks but I know I am in for a treat.