This week we officially kicked off our 2020 build season! We hit the ground running with a packed 8 hour a day schedule all week long. We have welcomed back many veterans to the team and also collected some excited and fresh faced rookies who are ready to shake up the Drop Bears.

The week began with a brainstorming session where we divided up into teams and considered the strategy for our approach to the game. After presentations on each thought process and a round table discussion we successfully came toward our scope outline for the game. This was an interesting process which encouraged creative and robust discussions between both our students and mentors.

From this point on, we were all systems go. We have finished up our first week on an absolute high, probably the furthest through our design process than we have ever been at the same point in previous seasons.

All things considered, this has the markers to be one of our best ones yet. Stay tuned for more updates.