These two subsystems have really been put through the wringer over the last couple of weeks. Out of all the groups, these have had the most diverse iterations between prototypes as we build one, find that specific parts don’t really fit the requirements, design again, build again, run into a new issue and then the cycle continues! The intake mechanism has gone from what we lovingly titled ‘The kebab’, to a single PVC roller and finally to a tri-directional ball collecting superstar. We definitely still have some work to do but the intake is coming along well, and we should have the final design operational by the end of the week.

The indexer has been an interesting problem to say the least. This system has a couple competing requirements which have made design an process filled with many robust discussion and many prototype iterations. The indexer not only needs to store five balls, but these also must be carried along from the intaker, avoid jamming and hopefully allow some way for the controls team to know where the balls/how many are in the system. We went from a timing conveyer belt, to wheels, to PVC pipe and now have settled on a pulley system which makes use an idler pulley to help with the control of the balls. It has been a process to say the least but everyone put their heads together and we have come toward an awesome solution. Check out this indexer!