We have been attending training sessions in preparation for Build Season and have learnt about mechanical design.

Firstly, we learnt about representing objects by sketching in various projections such as oblique, isometric and orthographic. Then we began learning how to document our designs in digital form using a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software called Onshape. Designing parts using CAD requires us to sketch the object in 2D before extruding it to make it 3D, after which various modifications can be made, such as the addition of holes and chamfers. These parts can then be put together in assemblies which simulate the motion of the final module.

The CAD exercises we have been doing include modelling basic parts, such as a wheel and wedge, to better understand the concept of design intent and designing a resizeable drive base, a task that we will be completing in Build Season.

FRC with The Drop Bears has been an interesting activity so far and I am excited to continue learning about mechanical design and fabrication.