Strategy, Concept Design and Prototyping

The Drop Bears are back with new recruits and additional mentors to design and build a new robot for the 2022 Southern Cross Regional in Wollongong 11 to 13 March.

Week 1 started with the competition kick off on Sunday 9 January at Hullbot, one of our sponsors. We reviewed the game animation, studied the game and robot rules and strategized the game to achieve the highest score.

On Monday we finally got back into our workshop at The University of Sydney ACFR. The rookies had their introduction to our equipment and procedures started with the concept design for the robot mechanisms. The prototype designs were developed on Onshape 3d modelling software during the week.

The weekend was spend building and testing prototypes for the intake and the shooter.

Onshape 3D Concepts for the shooter prototype
Shooter prototype with single wheel
Shooter field test
Onshape 3D concept for intake prototype
Intake Prototype single roller