Today we have completed week 6 of a very unusual build season and a lot has happened in the last 4 weeks.

  • Updated power and CAN wiring diagrams to allow for reference and understanding of the power and control system wiring.
  • Debug code – changed the intake auto retract logic to use ball count instead of bottom break beam sensor for an improved slower ball intake speed.
  • Rebuild cable loom with new 3D printed cable management and cables. Lots of happy cable braiding involved.
  • Cleaned up the workshop to set up the field for the skills challenge and made the final field markers
  • Tested autonomous mode
  • Build pneumatic system test bed to evaluate compressor and air tank capacities improvements.
Robot power wiring diagram
Robot CAN diagram
3D Printing f new cable management
Finished cable management
Attached to the shooter turret
Workshop before clean-up
Workshop cleaned-up with field set up
Pneumatic test bench functional diagram
Pneumatic Test bench building
Completed test bed connected to control system