With our mentors recently completing a laser cutting induction, the aesthetics of our prototypes have defintely gone up a level. The CAD skills of the team have also significantly improved with this new resource offerring the perfect opportunity for us to see the full engineering process executed in one sweep; from design, to review through to fabrication within a matter of hours.

The shooter team has now successfully integrated their design with the turret mechanism and refined the systems to move toward our final iteration for the competition. With a sleek acryclic hood, the shooter is now more compact and is shooting with relatively strong accuracy. Now they are handing over to controls to start the hard part; precision and range testing. With Sam and Michael heading up the software team, they have a plan to achieve the necessary ranges by altering the speeds of the top and bottom wheel sets on the shooter. Hopefully by the middle of the week we should have this up and running and aiming with our turret system.

The climb team had a great design review this week and are finalising their CAD to start fabrication of their third prototype. Combining a winch and hook system, this design should allow us to hook anywhere along the rendezvous point, anchor on and then lift the robot off the ground. Intake and Indexing are also moving along, as they do some more rigorous testing on the current prototypes before moving toward their next design review.

Overall the team is moving in a strong direction and we are on track to meeting our objectives in the upcoming weeks.