Check here regularly for updates reguarding our activities in and around build season.

Build Season Week 4

Another hard working week has just passed. Our team T-shirts for this season were finally here. We kept working on

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Build Season Week 3

We managed to conquer another productive week. The replica of field has been built. And our drive base is completed.

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Build Season Week 2

This week we divided up into several groups based on aspects of this year’s FRC Deep Space, these include cargo,

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Build Season Week 1

In the last week we have been discussing the details of our strategy, designing, creating and planning prototypes. We began

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Kick Off!

Today was the day, after about four weeks away from thinking about robots The Drop Bears had their kick off

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25th November

Today at The Drop Bears all the recruits were continuing their software lesson.  In this lesson recruits were given some

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